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Brooklyn Heights Riverfront Campground

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The camp is Open for Business with online reservations and self-check in.

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Directions from Parsons, WV (Tucker Co.)

19 C.W. Harvey Blvd., Parsons WV 26287 off of Brooklyn Heights Rd. - 4 miles from Parsons

(alternatively, if you reach neighbors farm at 3304 Brooklyn Heights Rd.. Parsons WV 26287 you have overshot camp slightly)

From Parsons -- Mile: 

--> 0.0 turn onto Central Ave. (close to Subway deli in town)

--> quick left onto Railroad Ave.

--> quick right onto Billings Ave.

--> 0.8 Parson's cemetery begins -- turns into Brooklyn Heights Rd.

-->1.7 end of Parsons civilization

--> 2.3/2.4 entrance (to right) for Fernow Experimental forest - 701 National Forest, (sharp left) entrance to Mud bogging property.  Take neither and stay straight on main road.

--> 2.4 Elklick Run concrete bridge crossing

--> 2.6 start of Brooklyn Heights village

--> 3.0 end of village

--> 3.4 / 3.5 waterfall / swim holes before swinging bridge

--> 3.5 hendricks swinging bridge (pedestrian cable suspension bridge)

--> 3.7 Blackfork joins Dryfork river

--> 3.9 CAMP -- 10 tier waterfall at rapids -- start of camp property

--> 4.0 Camp bulletin board and information kiosk (Sector A)

--> 4.2 Entrance to sectors B & C and Caretaker cabin / RV parking

--> 4.3 end of Camp property and Johnson Swimhole area parking

--> 6.0 Monongahela forest area parking - big rapids part of river

--> Leaning Tree Lane (private road)

--> 6.5 end of road / red gate / private property 

Click here for Camp Specs on Each Site

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