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Camp Rules / Cautions

One responsible person (18 years or older -- the reservation holder) shall be at each rented campsite and is responsible for the actions and safety of the campsite occupants and liable for any damages caused by them.

Self Check-In

Use the online campsite map or info. kiosk map as the start of the camp property to locate your pre-booked site and self-check in.  Help yourself.   Staff will be in and out and will stop by and check on you periodically to answer any questions – for much more information.

  • All campsites, cabin sites, and RV sites are self-check in - help yourself to your reserved, designated site.

  • Camp maps are available at the INBOX at the info. kiosk


Camp Quiet Hours / Check-in / Check-out

  • Camp Quiet Hours nightly from 10pm to 8am

  • Please respect your fellow campers during sleep hours and keep voices and music low.

  • No loud music or car stereos allowed at sites

  • Check out is by12 noon

  • Check in is 12 noon or after

  • (if arriving late, please respect quiet hours)


  • Do not move fire rings or picnic tables (coming soon).

  • Please pack out all of your trash

  • All campsites are numbered and must be booked on-line for a reservation

  • Each campsite has one designated parking space... additional parking along side the river road.

  • All site prices based on occupancy of 4 persons..... add $5 per night per person extra.


*** Bring a saw, battery powered chainsaw and/or branch clippers as there are large amounts of cut wood debris near all campsites for free firewood leftover from recent camp development... or

Firewood bundles for sale by cash, cashapp, paypal or venmo --  $5/bundle, $12.50 per packed wheelbarrow load.

Firewood is located at kiosks near the office cabin.

Venmo:  @Vincent-Lombardi-32
Paypal: ​


Water / River Safety

  • Use caution when swimming and playing in the river as there are currents and deep water.

  • Never leave children unattended at the river

  • Swim at your own risk

  • water shoes recommended for slippery rocks


  • All pets must remain on a leash at all times.  If you find isolated river areas with no other dogs or people, it's your responsibility to make sure the dog remains attended and non-aggressive if others are visible.

  • Pets must be current on vaccinations and in good health. 

  • Guests must clean up after their pet(s) including around the river. 

  • Camp Ground staff reserves the right to terminate the stay of any guest whose pet(s) are considered a nuisance or a threat.

  • Dogs must be secured and not left unattended if they chronically bark.

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