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What to Bring to enjoy Brooklyn Heights Riverfront Campground

For a better camping experience


For Water Recreation

  • floatation devices / tubes to enjoy playing in the river (and a pump to inflate them).

  • river shoes (old tennis shoes are great)

  • a kayak or canoe!

  • goggles to see underwater

For Camping

  • a fold up table and camping chairs

  • a rain tarp and rope for over your tent

  • a 10x10 easy up canopy is always nice

  • flashlights and camp lighting

  • USB battery charging device for your phone

  • fire starters for your campfire

  • bottled water or a filter for spring water

  • skewers to roast marshmallows and hot dogs on the fire

  • loppers and electric chain saws permissible to cut up fallen and dead wood debris only for your campfire (Do NOT cut live trees or vines)

  • extra blankets for cool nights

  • matches and lighters to start fires

  • pots and pans for cooking and oils to coat


For Cooking and Meal Prep

  • Shop & Save grocery just 4 miles from camp in town of Parsons -- shop for refrigerated goods there!

  • skillets and spatulas

  • oil / butter

  • paper plates and bowls and utensils

  • cast iron cookware

  • a cooler and ice

  • eggs and pancake mix!

  • bacon and sausage

  • coffee and creamer and sugar

  • coffee cups (hot cups)

For Exploring / Hiking / Roads / Trails

  • hiking shoes

  • water shoes

  • a bicycle for everyone

  • rollerblades / skateboard for Brooklyn Heights Rd. (deadend, recently paved, smooth surface)

  • plant identification books -- trees, wild flowers, mushrooms... or apps

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