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Parsons / Thomas / Davis / Canaan Valley

So much to see and do nearby in the river valley and on the mountain top.

The best resource for the mountaintop: -- by Tucker County Development Authority and Chamber of Commerce.


1. Thomas and Davis are former 19th and early 20th century coal mining towns turned tourist mecca's.

Things to do, eateries, brewpubs, antiques, galleries, shopping, ice cream, coffee shops and bakery, etc. sorted by our 4 towns -- Thomas / Davis / Canaan Valley and Parsons.

2. Both state park lodges -- Canaan Valley State Park Lodge and Blackwater Falls State Park Lodge have all you can eat breakfast buffets on Sat/Sun. for about $15/person... and includes coffee.  Blackwater Falls State Park and Lodge has many Blackwater canyon overlooks including one behind the lodge, Pendleton Point, Pase Point, and Lindy Point.  And don't miss the short Elakala Falls trail just to the left of the Lodge.

Also, take the Chair lift up at Canaan Valley state park (about $10).

3.Check out Douglas Falls in nearby Thomas along the Blackwater River.... also includes Alfred and Kennedy Falls -- google for directions, photos and details.

4. Also check out Blackwater Outdoor Adventures in St. George nearby -- for tubing / canoe / kayaking rental and transportation adventures:

5. Dolly Sods -- just past Canaan Valley off Rt. 32, skip the first entrance road (Lanesville rd. and take the 2nd entrance road just past Camdens Corner Mart in Dryfork (great sandwiches and sweets!)  -- Bonnner Mountain Rd.  

Make your goal Bear Rocks Preserve (google it / map it).

The drive to Bear Rocks in Dolly Sods once you leave Rt. 32 to Bonner Montain Rd. and into the state park is about 30 minutes... and asphault turns to gravel but its a decent road and worth the trip.

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Hike, Bike, Rollerblade & Swim
Brooklyn Heights Road is a dead end river road that was recently paved.  Perfect for biking and rollerblading and long walks.
Walk downstream on Brooklyn Heights Rd. about 1/2 mile to the Hendricks Swinging Bridge.  Note the tall cascading waterfall feature on your left as you leave the camp area.
Cross the bridge and up ahead on the left begins the Allegheny Highlands Bike Trail -- 1st 4 miles to Parsons make for a beautiful walk or bike ride -- take your kids or dogs and enjoy the riverfront scenery and seasonal waterfalls along the first 2 miles or so of this trail!

Fernow Experimental Forest
About a mile from camp towards Parsons, this spectacular preserve includes gorgeous Elklick Run (creek) filled with waterfalls and shallow swim areas, a gorgeous road to hike or bike and just stunning creek valley scenery.

Take a sharp left turn after crossing over the concrete bridge off Brooklyn Heights Rd. on the way back to town onto State forest road 701.The first mile of this magnificent creek is filled with waterfalls, rapids, and spectacular creek topography... sometimes hard to see with summer foliage and often steep drops down into the creek canyon, use caution and enjoy.


Dryfork River

Swim, fish, snorkel, kayak, canoe, tube
4 miles of wilderness deadend river road along the Dryfork.  Plenty of parking areas and access to the river below off of Brooklyn Heights Rd.

Enjoy crossing over the Hendricks Swinging Bridge just half a miles walk from camp.  


OtterCreek Wilderness Area

OtterCreek Wilderness Area is best accessed across the river by car.... drive back into Parsons and go up Rt. 219 a couple of miles and turn right onto Rt. 72 -- drive through the villages of Hambleton and Hendricks and about 3 miles past Hendricks, off of Rt. 72, you will see parking for OtterCreek (sign is difficult to see -- RHS).  Another beautiful swinging bridge and miles of spectacular hiking along OtterCreek.After you cross the bridge, go right, and walk up short set of step in hillside to begin the awesome creekside trail.

Get off the trail and hike along the boulders and rocks and crevices of OtterCreek.  The trail is parallel, so you are always nearby.

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