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Camp Caretaker Opportunity

Brooklyn Heigh ts Riverfront Campground is seeking a Caretaker to live on site in the office / caretaker cabin at the camp.   Requirements and benefits described below


Camp Caretaker Opportunity (live on-site)
May 1 - Oct. 30

Caretaker Opportunity at Brooklyn Heights Campground

Position Duration: Annually from May 1 to October 30 (6 months)

(opportunity to stay on longer...)

Location: Brooklyn Heights Campground, On-site

About the Role: We are excited to offer a unique opportunity for a live-in caretaker at our scenic Brooklyn Heights Riverfront Campground. This position provides not only a serene lifestyle but also numerous amenities.

Note:  Drug users and Alcoholics need not apply.


  • Living Quarters: Enjoy comfortable living in our fully equipped office/caretaker cottage. This includes:

    • A 12x24 insulated lofted barn cabin serves as the office.

    • Full utilities: electricity, heating, and cooling fans.

    • A kitchenette fitted with a microwave, toaster oven, two-burner electric cooktop, coffee maker, mini-fridge, and a cooler. Essential cooking equipment like pots, pans, and dishes are also provided.

    • Outdoor cooking facilities featuring a propane camp cook stove and grill.

    • The cottage, accommodating up to 6 people, is reserved exclusively for the use of the caretaker and the campground owner.

    • Campground owner lives in Thomas, 25 minutes from camp.

Additional Features:

    • A private hot shower with a tankless, on-demand propane system located behind the cabin.

    • A fire pit area complete with complimentary firewood.

    • A 10x20 canopy coffee station on a deck platform adjacent to the cabin.


  • Stipend: $150 weekly over the six-month period, totaling $600 per month for 6 months.

  • Food and Beverages: Complimentary extensive selection of food and drinks throughout your stay.

  • Additional Earnings: An opportunity to earn extra at $12.50 per hour for assisting with projects such as mowing, weed trimming, and other special tasks.

Experience the great outdoors while contributing to the beauty and upkeep of Brooklyn Heights Campground. Live rent-free and enjoy a host of amenities designed to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Candidate Requirements:

Ideal Profile:

  • Availability: Must be available on weekends to supervise the campground, enforce quiet hours starting at 10 PM, and assist guests with inquiries.

  • Transportation: Owning a vehicle is preferred, but having a bicycle is acceptable for commuting via the bike trail to and from Parsons.

  • Residency: While having an outside job is permissible, presence is required on busy Friday and Saturday nights, ideally by 6 PM. Candidates who own an RV can be provided with a site equipped with electric and water hookups, in addition to access to the caretaker/office cabin.

  • Lifestyle: Candidates should ideally reside on-site throughout the week to help maintain order during the designated quiet hours and ensure campground security. We expect a drug-free environment and limited alcohol consumption, especially when interacting with guests.

  • Social Conduct: While socializing with guests is encouraged, it should never include partying, intoxication, or inappropriate behavior. Any such behavior will lead to immediate termination of the caretaker's position and eviction from the property.

  • You don't have to live on-site 7 days a week, but weekends and holiday weekends it is a requirement.

Additional Conditions:

  • Guest Accommodations: You are welcome to have guests stay at the office cabin, which can accommodate up to six people.

  • Owner's Use: The campground owner may occasionally use the cabin on weekends for personal stays, particularly if there are bookings for his Thomas whole house rental through Airbnb.  This may provide weekend off opportunities for the caretaker.

  • Unpaid Duties: Enforcing quiet hours and assisting guests, along with general monitoring of the campground, are responsibilities that come with the free accommodation and provision of food and beverages.  Additional details below.

  • Pet Policy: Candidates may have a single, friendly dog that is sociable with other dogs and people. Dogs must be leashed at all times when guests are present. Please note, we cannot accommodate Pit Bulls or Rottweilers, including mixes and other breeds listed in the Campground Caretaker Agreement at link below.


Application Process:

  • References: Applicants must provide references.

  • Caretaker Contract outlining everything contained here in a legal agreement

Here are the duties exchange for the stipend, accommodations, and food mentioned above:

a. Quiet Hours Enforcement: The Caretaker shall enforce quiet hours within the Campground from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM daily, ensuring a serene environment conducive to the enjoyment and relaxation of all guests.

b. Guest Management: The Caretaker is responsible for monitoring guest behavior, maintaining order, and ensuring that all guests act in a respectful manner, thereby preventing disturbances and fostering a harmonious campground community.

c. Campground Oversight: The Caretaker shall oversee the Campground premises, conducting regular inspections to identify and report security concerns, maintenance issues, or any potential hazards to the Owner in a timely manner.

d. Availability for Communication: The Caretaker must be readily accessible via phone and text to respond promptly to inquiries, concerns, or needs of both the guests and the Owner.

e. Customer Service: The Caretaker is expected to provide high-quality customer service, including assisting guests with inquiries, providing information about Campground facilities and local attractions, and addressing any concerns or requests that arise.

f. Maintenance and Upkeep Tasks: The Caretaker is tasked with performing routine maintenance and upkeep duties essential for the smooth operation and presentation of the Campground. These tasks include, but are not limited to:

     i. Ensuring the cleanliness and sanitary condition of porta-potties, including regular checks and maintenance as well as the trash dump site area.

     ii. Inspecting cabins post-rental to ensure they are clean, organized, and ready for incoming guests and removing any left trash or debris.

     iii. Checking campsites for cleanliness and readiness for new guests following use and removing any left trash or debris.

     iv. Maintaining the 24/7 coffee pavilion for cleanliness and to assure all supplies are well stocked for guests.

     v. Notifying the owner of low firewood status and restocking firestarters at firewood kiosks as needed.   

     vi. Checking on the “beach area” of the campground to ensure cleanliness and neat and orderly appearance.

Other Benefits:

  • Local Attractions: Tucker County is a vibrant tourist destination nestled within spectacular mountain landscapes. It is home to charming mountain towns such as Thomas, Davis, and Canaan Valley, as well as Parsons, the bustling county seat located in the river valley. This region offers a diverse array of cultural and recreational opportunities:

  • Cultural Offerings: Enjoy local restaurants, cafes, live music venues, antique shops, breweries, and art galleries.

  • Historic Sites: Explore the rich history of our historic towns.

  • Outdoor Activities: Engage in outdoor pursuits year-round at nearby state parks such as Canaan Valley and Blackwater Falls, which feature extensive hiking and biking trails, skiing facilities in winter (Canaan Valley Ski Resort, Timberline Ski Resort, White Grass Cross Country Skiing), and the breathtaking Dolly Sods Wilderness Area.

  • For more information on what the area has to offer, visit

  • Employment Opportunities: The area's thriving tourism industry provides numerous part-time job opportunities, particularly during the high seasons in spring, summer, and fall. Thomas, a hub for many of these opportunities, is just a 15-minute drive from Parsons.

  • Community and Lifestyle: Tucker County is a hub of activity for hikers, bikers, kayakers, campers, and history enthusiasts, especially on weekends and during the summer months. Whether you’re looking to tour, hang out, meet new people, or simply enjoy the local scene, you’ll find plenty of time and reasons to love living here.

If interested, please email your credentials and interest to and/or call 703-328-1840.

For more about Vince, the owner / founder of the camp -- see my bio at:


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