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What's Coming in 2023 to Brooklyn Heights Camp!

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

We have 3 amazing seasons for camping and getting through winter is just a waiting game!

Just 53 days until Spring as of this writing.

We have some big plans for the camp this year in 2023. Among them:

  • opening mid-April and taking reservations on-line now.

  • before the camp even opens mid-April, there will be an abundance of wildflowers and ramps coming up in the forest -- by early April, nature gets busy

  • an updated camp map is in the works! which will include the following new physical additions:

  • 15 total campsites, 5 primitive shelter cabins, an office cabin and 10 RV sites (4 electric / water hook-ups and 6 boon-docking)

  • eliminating a few of the more crowded area campsites

  • creating 6 brand new campsites in an un-used stretch of gorgeous forest inland of Sector-C camping and the power line overflow parking area... These new D-sector sites will be more spacious, more private and surrounded by moss covered forest and rocks.

  • adding 6 new back-in RV spots (RV5 - RV10) -- boon docking in 2023, but power and water in 2024. These larger, more private, heavily wooded area sites will be right along the river between existing RV and A-sector sites.

  • adding 30 amp electric to existing RV sites RV1 - RV4 as well as 20 amp gfi's and water spigots to these sites.

  • adding a couple of water spigots for general use in camp as well.

  • the office cottage has full electric now and a couple of charging stations will be created nearby

  • a performing arts stage is being built in front of the office cottage over the small creek and will host at least one band this summer. A great mini-pavilion hang out otherwise with electric.

  • additional porta-potties (can't afford a large septic field and bath-house yet!)

  • hopefully some 6 foot picnic tables... eventually one for each and every site... but need to get more income rolling in for some of these upgrades and additions.

  • most of these upgrades are a labor of love, but still involve heavy equipment rental, multiple 25 ton trucks of gravel, and supplies like electrical wire and pex for plumbing which aren't cheap by the 100s of feet! But moving as quickly as money will allow.

For 2024 (if not sooner)

  • hot showers and a grey water field

  • additional water spigots / electric charge station in Sector A camping area

  • will have in mind an area for a future septic field and bathroom facility close to showers.

Book on-line anytime at or call or text if you have any questions: Vince 703-328-1840

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